Problem with My 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix ABS Code C1242
Why does my pontiac have ABS light. What is rear ESB and how do i fix it...
2000 TRAC Light Shifter Stuck A/C Blows Warm
Will not shift into any gears unless something is shoved into the shift release, now my ac is blowing freon out every now and then when it builds up pressure...
ABS Code C1236 on 1999 Grand Am. Common Causes
I am just wondering if there is one common problem that
occurs when this code pops up and where to start trouble shooting.
2001 Grand Prix ABS TRAC off and Shifts Hard
I took it to a mechanic in my town and he said i had three codes.  One transmission code and one code for my hub assemblies needing replaced...
Why does My 2002 Grand AM SES and TRAC OFF
Why does my  trac off light,  service engine soon come on. When the trac off light comes on, it makes a thump when it goes through the gears...
Clunk in Front End of My 2006 Pontiac G6 Hitting Bumps
It happens when i am  turning the  wheel, and also when going over bumps in the road. Most of the time it is when...
My 2001 Grand Am Misfire Driving. Changed Spark Plugs
The car intermittently misses under normal driving conditions every once in a while. Changing the spark plugs makes it go away.
Bonneville 3800 Series II SES
Check engine light is on and the computer is reading EGR valve and bad gas from Autozone scan. I know my car has a lot of miles but I just put a new motor and water pump in it.
Clicking sound on take off
After replacing axle and CV joint in 2004 Grand Prix. Also  occasional jerking of transmission on take off from stopped position
Pulled the spark plug wires off 2004 Grand Prix 3800 V6
Only bottom of plug remains. How to get off. I need to know how to change the spark plugs.
Transmission Control Solenoid
Where is the solenoid location in my Pontiac Bonneville? Do you have a picture to show.
Transmission Looses 4th Gear
Had the shift kit removed during a rebuild to correct shifting problems. Now trans looses forth gear when warms up. What can cause this. It has been rebuilt 3 times.
A/C Clutch Won't Engage
Checked all fuses and the relay works. My manual tells me that the PCM grounds the relay, but i cannot find its location.
Transmission Slipping
My Pontiac has a check engine light and the tranny will not stay engaged if I accelerate. Should I change the trans fluid and filter or test the shift solenoids.
No Air Out Vents
Heating and the a/c and as well as the defrost just stopped working last week and it is not blowing any air at all what could this be its getting cold.
2006 G6
Car is very sluggish when accelerating up a hill. Changed the air filter and transmission fluid. What can cause this problem with my car.
Coolant on The Floor of My Pontiac G6
We noticed the carpet on the passenger side was wet, then the engine stated overheating. We added antifreeze and seems OK for now.
Scanner Won't Read Codes
Did a lot of work to my Pontiac GTO and now it won't start ans i cannot get the computer to show trouble codes. Checked all fuses and relays.
3.4L V6 Misfire When Hot
Car starts fine when it is cold, but warms up and starts misfiring. Replaced the spark plugs, fuel pressure regulator and cleaned the fuel injectors.
Cruise Control Stopped Working
All of a sudden the cruise stopped on my Pontiac Montana minivan. When I turn the switch on it does not light up or anything.
Pontiac Vibe Transmission Service
Should i service the trans on my 2006 Pontiac Vibe with 140k miles is it has never been done before. It shifts fine but want to do maintenance.
Program a New Key
Tried to get the Pontiac to start with the theft learn, but traction, battery and charging lights started flashing on the dash. Still won't start.
Ignition Module Cost
What is the approximate cost to replace the ignition module on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am with a 4 cyl engine.
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CEL Flashing
The engine light is flashing on my 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix.. We replaced the spark plugs but still did not pass the emissions test. Fuel pressure checks out good.
2006 Grand Prix Lights Flash and Humming Noise
My car battery was dead. Brake lights stay on. There is a also a humming noise in the front end of my Pontiac.
1997 Grand Am Stalls Out
My Pontiac Grand Am has a check engine light with multiple misfire codes. It dies out a slow speeds but runs good on the highway. Have replaced the ignition coils, fuel injectors and spark plugs.
1996 Grand Prix Hesitates
We have replaced the catalytic converter, MAF and other sensors, but my car still hesitates and has a check engine light.
2006 Engine Hesitates
My 2006 Grand Prix chuggs when accelerating. I have replaced the spark plugs and wires. The check engine light was flashing.
2001 Pontiac TransAm Shifting Problems
I have had the transmission rebuilt, but after driving it will lose 4th gear. The car also has an ABS light and the PCM was reflashed at the GM dealer.
2002 Pontiac Grand Prix ABS C0045, C0046, P0420 And P0172
My Grand Prix has an ABS light and check engine light. We changed hub bearing wheels speed sensors and the catalytic converter. Still getting engine misfires.
2001 Grand Prix Brakes Light
When I turn the key on my Pontiac, the brake lights are always on. I checked the fuses and they ar all good. Turn signal and backup lights are working fine.
1995 Grand Am Has No Fire
My car will crank over but not start. There is no spark from the ignition coils. I replaced the crank sensor and computer already.
1998 GTP grand Prix Has No Power
My car has a check engine light codes P0730, P0742 and P1810. These codes are for TCC stuck and component slipping in the transmission.
1995 GP Engine Noise
My car has the common engine ticking noise in the morning. It goes away after it warms up. Sometime the car will stall after revving it up a little.
Pontiac Won't Start Even With new Battery
I own a 1997 pontiac bonneville and when i try to start it there is a loud clicking noise and all the lights flicker i was wondering if it might be the battery that causes this even though i just put in a new one.
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3800 coolant sensor Replacement
am having a bit of a problem, I need to replace my Coolant Temperature Sensor on my 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3800. However, there's a bracket bolted in my way and I do not know how to maneuver around it.
Firebird Runs Rough When Wet
1997 formula firebird 5.7 LT. When rains or wash vehicle engine runs really rough. Car will die if you dont keep idle up until it somewhat dries out, engine lite comes on. Had new spark plugs and wires put on the car by someone who does know what he is doing.
Pontiac G6 Check Engine Light Codes
What does the codes p0121 and p0420 normally indicate for a 2007 Pontiac G6 4 cylinder ?
Pontiac GTP MAP Sensor
Live chat: Where is the MAP sensor located on a supercharged Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3800 motor? Also,the blower speeds are not working. I replaced the motor and resistor already. What else could be wrong with my car?

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