Problem with my 1994 Oldsmobile 88 Royal Ls 3.8L V6.
Security Light Flashes. Battery had a dead cell. Car would not start. Swapped battery after about 24 houses of car being dead.
Pass-key II Tricks found on Internet. This is a
Pass-key II system. My battery had a bad cell so i replaced it. After that the cars security light flashes and the car will not crank. I guess really my question would be how can i reset the security system. I have tried turning ignition over for 10 minutes 3 time and had no luck. Tried unlocking both doors. Also I DO NOT have the remote for the security system. I haven't done anything else to this car. Mechanical wise. Thanks so much for your help.
I think you may be a little confused about the theft system on your car. This system with the chip in the key does not rely on any reset like newer models where you leave the key on for 10 minutes, etc. There is no relearn procedure.

The common problem on your system is broken wires on the back side of the ignition cylinder. Over time these 2 little wires break, and the module cannot read the key pellet. Tilting the wheel up and down sometimes causes the wires to contact again and let it start.

Sounds like you need to have the ignition lock cylinder replaced.
We have a
picture of a removed cylinder and the wires on the site if you would like me to sent you it.
1994 Oldsmobile delta 88 Theft Warning Light

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