Radiator 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora 4.0L V8.
Has new water pump, thermostat, belt, upper lower hoses,radiator.
Upper driver side of radiator inside near air cleaner there is a hose coming off it! Where dose it go and what dose it supply???

Mine is capped off with a bolt and a hose clamp. In the winter the driver side would blow just cold and still dose! So i guess my question is why doesn't the driver side have no heat or defrost just cold air passenger side has good hot air upper and lower heat.
By what you are describing, this sounds as if the radiator has been replaced. Replacement radiators come with all possible fitting, depending on application. If a port / fitting is not needed for the cars original setup, then it just gets plugged off. Nothing to worry about.

The above would have nothing to do with the heater, A/C problem. Most likely you have a faulty temperature door actuator motor under the dash for the malfunctioning side.
Oldsmobile Aurora Radiator Hose

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