Oldsmobile Olds Aurora 1995, 4.0 V8.
We just brake work, bearings, and electrical. Gas
gauge hasn't worked since I got the (used) car.
Question: I would like to know what you think the
approximate cost(parts and labor) would be to
replace the gas gauge on my '99 Olds Aurora.
Thanks so much.
If in fact the level sensor in the tank is bad,
approximate cost for replacement is $300. This
depends on the labor rate of the shop that is
doing the work.

With the age of the car and mileage, some
technicians will quote not just the sensor, but the
whole fuel pump module assembly in the tank,
which includes the fuel pump. If that is the case,
then you can add approx. $300.
1995 Oldsmobile Aurora Gas Gauge

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Question: 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora all the needles on the
gauges went to -0- the heating and air conditioning system
doesn't work, the remote trunk release doesn't work and the car
locks don't work....the date and time instrument malfunction
panel went out or reminder panel...went out all at the same time.

Mechanic: Does it start?

Yes, the lights work internally and exrernally, the radio works, the
key remote doesn't work either..it all happened at once. When i
hit the electric seat button all of the electrical went out.

There are wires under the drivers seat that get corroded and
break, especially a splice. I would have that checked.

But how does that effect the needles on the gas gauge and the
heating system?

It depends on which wires are corroded. Just bec
ause the wires
are under the seat, does not mean they are only for the seat. The
main wiring harness of the interior runs from one side of car to
the other- under the seats/carpet.

So its not a fuse under the  hood? The electric lever on the
drivers side door, the hazard lights come on.

There may be a blow fuse or two. There is also a fuse box under
the back seat. If there are any blown, this goes back to the wires
under the seat causing a short circuit.

How to do you get to the fuse box under the back seat? Where is
it located exactly? drivers side? passengers side?

Pull up on the right font, then the left front of the rear seat. It will
pop the whole seat up. It is on drivers side.

Gonna check it out and hit you up if we have any more questions
:) peace and thanks. Yah, well, we are going to check it out and
yes!!! you are helpful and ill add you or like you on facebook.

Okay we got the seat off and now there is one small box on the
left and two larger boxes behind the drivers seat which box is it?

All 3.
Thanks, I'll tell him !