Oldsmobile Cutlass. Dash lights ABS.
Replaced brake pads.
Question: what can i do for a
slipping transmission?

Have a filter change, and a flush service performed. When they remove the pan, they will inspect for debre in the bottom of the pan, which would indicate internal transmission parts failure.
Problem with my 1999 Olds Cutlass.
Engine size = v6. ABS and check engine light. Unknown just bought the car 1 week ago, was on when i PURCHASED IT.
Question = my abs light is on dash, do i need new brakes/pads? And the
check engine light is on.

An ABS light does not have anything to do with brakes pads or shoes.A warning light means a problem was detected, and the ABS system needs to be scanned for codes in order find out the area the fault is in. With the light on, ABS operation is not present, but normal braking is.
Oldsmobile Cutlass ABS And Engine Light

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