2001 oldsmobile alero v6.
Almost all sensors replaced.
Question: where is the transmission speed sensor and the transmission solenoid located. How do I remove and replace them. A diagram would be appreciated.
Answer: Thank you for your tip/donation.

The location of the sensor depends on which ones you want to change.
There are a few shift solenoids and an input and output speed sensor. I will send a diagram in a moment.

Referencing the diagram I will send, the solenoids in the side cover require lowering the frame/engine/transmission assembly nearly out of the car.

The whole left (drivers side) needs to be lower from the body in order to get the cover off. This requires a lift and special support fixtures.

The output speed sensor is the only one that is external. It is easily removed from under the passenger side of the car. 1- 10mm or 13mm bolt holds it in.
Oldsmobile Alero Transmission Speed Sensor Location and Replacement
Oldsmobile Alero Shift Solenoid and Speed Sensor Locations.

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