1999 Oldsmobile Alero.
Tried to fix the gas gauge,sticking a wire in to pull the needle over the full notch.

Battery problem caused all needles in dash to fly rapidly back and forth, all needles went back to normal, except the gas gauge needle which stuck over the full notch. It was pulled back over the notch by step-parent, who thinks he knows all, but now reads quarter tan koff.

Is there any way to fix this? Or is this permanent because ofo there attempt to fix?

Moving the needle back is actually a good trick. We do this all the time, never with a problem. It is POSSIBLE that cause the gauge to be inaccurate, but unlikely. Unless he really had to force it. More likely is the battery problem that caused them to all go crazy originally. This is assuming that the fuel gauge worked correctly to begin with. If you ever noticed that the gauge would jump around when driving, of one minute says 1/2, the next says 1/4, then a common problem for that is the level sensor in the tank.
2004 Oldsmobile Alero.
The gas gauge just stopped working while driving, how do I fix it or is there a fuse for this problem?I am not sure if the engine is a v6 or V8.

It would not be a V8 in your Oldsmobile Alero. Either a 4 cylinder or V6. The gas gauge is not a fuse problem. The most common problem is the fuel level sensor in the gas tank.
Oldsmobile Alero Gas Gauge Stuck

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