Full oil pressure lubrication, through a full flow oil
filter, is furnished by a gear type oil pump. The
oil is drawn up through the pickup screen and
the tube. The oil passes through the pump to
the oil filter.

The oil filter is a full flow paper element unit. An
oil filter bypass is used in order to ensure oil
supply during the following conditions:

•  On a cold start

•  If the filter is plugged

•  If the filter develops excessive pressure drop

The bypass is designed to open at 69-83 kPa
(10-12 psi).

A priority oil delivery system supplies oil first to
the crankshaft journals. The oil from the
crankshaft main bearings is supplied to the
connecting rod bearings by intersecting the
passages drilled in the crankshaft. The
passages supply the oil to the crankshaft main
bearings and the camshaft bearings through the
intersecting vertical drilled holes. The oil
passages from the camshaft journals supply oil
to the hydraulic lifters.

The hydraulic lifters pump oil up through the
pushrods to the rocker arms. The cast dams in
the crankcase casting direct the oil that drains
back from the rocker arms in order to supply the
camshaft lobes. The camshaft chain drive is
lubricated by indirect oil splash.
3.4L Engine Oiling System Description

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