3800 v6 engine in pontiac, chevy, oldsmobile, buick. Operation and description.
3800 Engine Operation And Components

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Question: do you know what the tubing is called that goes from
the top of the throttle body to the back side of the manifold?

Answer: What model in your vehicle are you talking about?

2002 buick century 3.1L.

The black plastic tube?


If I remember correctly that tube goes to the top of the rear
valve cover.


I think they just call that the valve cover breather tube.

I have looked numerous places and cannot find a replacement
for it.  the rubber bushing (or whatever you call it) is warn and
does not have a good seal.

Yes, that is a very common problem with that tube. Your best
bet is to just go to any GM dealership. They will know exactly
what you're talking about. You may have to buy a kit which
includes that tube and that seal.

Ok, great, thank you for the help.

You're welcome.