Transmission Problem with my 1998 Pontiac Grand
Prix GT. Check engine light codes for torque
converter switch stuck on.
Question: where is the torque converter switch? And
can I fix this at home?

Did you have any other codes along with the P0742?

VISITOR:No other codes.

OK. This is most likely the solenoid TCC solenoid is
bad. Possibly the harness at the solenoid as well.
Have also have a few problems in the valve body
that the solenoid valve goes into.

This is not something that can really be done in your
garage. You will need a lift and several special tools.
The solenoids and valve body are located inside the
side cover of the transmission. The cover is
accessed through the drivers side wheel well.

The engine / transmission assembly needs to be
supported with adjustable fixtures, the left side of the
frame needs to be lowered after removing several
items, while supporting the engine / transmission
assembly. Then the engine / trans assembly would
be lowered out of the bottom of the car far enough to
get the cover off. Sometimes easier to remove the
frame completely. Once the cover is off, the
solenoids and harness can be removed. Expect to
pay approx. 5 hr. labor at a repair shop.I will send a
couple of pictures in a few minutes of the TCC valve
location as viewed with the cover removed.
2000 Pontiac Montana. Check engine P0742. No
repairs made but fluid and filter change. Where is
the torque converter clutch located on vehicle?

The torque converter clutch is part of the
converter. The solenoid is located inside the side
cover of the transmission. The whole frame and
engine and transmission assembly needs to be
lowered to get to the solenoid. That is, if that is
your problem. You should not just guess and
replace parts. Proper diagnosis is needed.
Grand Prix TCC Stuck On Code P0742

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