1998 Pontiac Transport / Montana.A/C system
purged, vacuum tested good and serviced.
Work done to repair = 2 years ago changed the
dash selector unit.
Question = With the A/C system fully serviced, the
air is cold, dash selector working, hot/cold selector
working, the fan seems to have 5speeds but will
not push out the A/C more than 6 inches. Not
sure if my problem is fan motor or ducting, heater
system works good.

If you are able to switch between floor, vent, and
defrost and the airflow is low in all positions, then
sounds like a blower motor problem. Possibly
something in the fan- this will usually cause a
noise when the fan is on. Or the in-cabin air filter
are plugged. These are accessed from the inside
the glove box. A small trap door in the back of the
glove box houses the filters.
Pontiac trans sport 3.8 v-6 overheating and turning motor off?

Can you give a little more information please? Any repairs prior to
this? How bad is it overheating? Usually an overheat problem
doesn't shut the engine off, so can you describe that a bit better
please?It is boiling water and steam coming out of catch tank.

You probably have had a catastrophic failure. More than likely you
have blown a head gasket. The V6 engines like yours have had
many troubles with this type of problem. Unfortunately, you're
going to have tear down the engine to find the problem.

The car overheats boiling water steam put new 80 thermostat in
car overheats shuts down. It makes a suction noise when water is
put in cooling system.

That is because air is getting pumped into the cooling system
from the bad head gasket. You're going to have some major
repairs done to fix this.
Pontiac Transport Low Airflow From Vents

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