ABS problem on my 2000 Pontiac GTP.
Why does my
ABS light go on. I have some codes
I can not find definitions for.
P1521 tcs issue
DTC C0244
DTC C0550
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

C0244 has to do with traction control. Problem
with a signal between the PCM and ABS/Traction

C0550 is an internal malfunction in the
ABS/traction control module.
The other is a fault in traction control torque
request. Sounds as if these things are related.
Possible faulty ABS/traction module, PCM, or
connector problem at either of those. Let me know
if you need more help.
1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GT.
Engine size 3.8.
Repairs for this problem = I took it in and had it scanned and was
told that i needed a new abs module and was told it could take
about 5-6 hours to do is this right and it is it a hard job or just long i
am thinking about doing it myself any tips on going about doing this
Question = is the replacement of the abs module a tough job?
The ABS unit itself consists of two major components. The
EBCM which is the 'computer' portion of the ABS system, and
the BPMV which includes the pump motor, solenoids, and brake
fluid controls. I'm assuming you must need either the latter, or
both of these due to the time they told you it would take to fix. If it
was just the EBCM, that is the least difficult part to replace and
would probably take only an hour or more. Sometimes the bolts
holding the two together are rusted which is a time consuming
thing also. If you need the BPMV, that repair is a bit more
difficult, and requires the brake lines removed from the system,
and then the entire brake system bled afterwards. There is also a
scanner needed to control the bleed function of the ABS, and
what's called 're homing' the motors. You'll most likely need a
professional to do this job.
ABS Codes C0244 And C0550

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