2003 Pontiac Bonneville service engine soon.
GM Computer codes = transmission solenoid
Question = dont to much trust the code give me
dont no a lot about cars but my question to you
my car lags from take off in regular drive and
then around 25mph will kick into gear in first gear
it takes off fine what does it sound like to you.
Sounds like a misfire.
Could just be a bad
spark plug, spark plug wire, or
ignition coil.
3800 V6 are good for the rear plug wires to short
and arc on the metal sleeve over the plug end of
the wire.

You can spray so water from a spray bottle on them
when running to see if you can cause the misfire.

Really need the trouble code you pulled from the
computer to go further.

1992 Pontiac Bonneville. Check Engine.
Question = If I put the car in low gear it will still shift to 2, 3 just
as if I put it in drive. When the car is at normal temp. And I am
on the highway going 50 or 55the car will clunk as if it were
trying to shift gears. It is worst in OD. But still happens in drive.

Sounds like a 4th clutch problem. Possible spun 4th clutch
shaft. Removing the pan may reveal metal debre. If so, the
debre will have circulated throughout the transmission. Either
way, with this many miles, it sounds like time for an overhaul,
or replacement trans.
Pontiac Bonneville A/C Clutch Won't Engage

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