2003 Pontiac Montana.
Question = i just wanted to know how to change  
the rear brake light on my van.

Open the rear hatch. Remove the 2 screws that
hold either lamp assembly.   Pop out the
assembly. Disconnect the electrical connector from
the circuit  board on the back of the assembly,
then remove screws in circuit board to  remove
board. Then pull out bad bulb.
Problem with my 2000 Pontiac Montana 3.4L.

Question = Why does my van not start when its
cold or damp or when it sits for 8 hours or more but
if i plug the van in with block heater it will start
when it does start it run a little on the rough side
until the engine warms up ,just wondering if it
could be the temperature
sensor  let me know what you think thank you  

Hard starting when wet or damp outside is usually
caused by corroded ignition coil  towers and spark
plug wires. Just pull them off one at a time and
look for corrosion or  
rust on the coil tower and
inside the plug wire.  Plugged injectors are a
common  cause  for running rough. Also the fuel
pressure regulator leaking fuel into the vacuum line
will  cause a hard / no start and running rough, but
damp weather would not make a  difference.
Pontiac Montana Rear Brake Light Bulb Replacement

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