Problem with my 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix.
tires, lined up,right sided CV joint
replacement and seal.
Question = car will click loud when gas is applied
when driving. Also occasional jerking of
transmission on take off from stopped position but
trans fluid is @ right level.

Since the clicking noise started after the axle was
replaced, it may not be fully trans. There are
several bulletins for transmission problems. From
input clutch to second clutch problem. Pressure
control solenoid, valvebody problems. Would need
to be driven by a
transmission Tech to begin
2003 pontiac grand prix still overheating.
Question: My car started running hot about three weeks ago.
Heater would work on and off. Checked water and had oil in it.
Replaced intake and head gaskets. Flushed Radiator. Ran fine for
day or two. Started running hot again. Heat did not work at all.
Changed thermostat. It was stuck. Flushed again.
No change, still running hot.

Replaced water pump. No change. No oil in water, heat still not
working even after new thermostat. Can idle for a while but when
accelerated or tr to drive it instantly begins to run hot. Not sure
what else to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

You've covered just about all the bases there, and with most of the
parts that have been replaced, there can only be a couple things
left that are causing your problem. Depending on how hot the car
got, you could have warped or even cracked the cylinder heads.
Just replacing the head gaskets wouldn't fix the problem, and this
would lead to an additional overheating problem.

If the heads weren't checked out properly for cracks or warping
during the repair, you may have to take them off again to get that
done. Sometimes it's just a small amount of warp or the tiniest
crack that can lead to big trouble. Since you stated that you had oil
in the coolant at first, I would definitely be leaning towards a
problem like this.

You could have even cracked the block if it got real bad. If there is
enough damage, you will probably end up needing to replace the
Pontiac Grand Prix Clicking From Axles

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