2006 Pontiac G6
Check engine light.

Question = I was driving in traffic today and my
check engine light came on. My car kicks back
quite a bit but not all of the time. There were no
symptoms leading up to this and the   car has not
acted up since the check engine light has come
on. Is it a problem that I can fix?  Is it only a
computer issue? It may be time for the timing belt
to be changed?

Todays GM vehicles use many sensor, switches,
solenoids, and other electrical components to
control or monitor every aspect of the engine.
From controlling the fuel and ignition systems, to
monitoring the emissions. A problem in any of
these systems, or subsystems, can cause the
check   engine light to come on.

The first step in any diagnosis of the check engine
light is to get the computer (PCM or ECM)
scanned for codes. Any time this warning comes   
on, a code is stored in the computer memory
along with many data   parameters that were
present at the time of the fault.

By what you describe, i would have to guess the
engine is misfiring. Possible spark plug, wire,
injector problem. If the above mileage is correct,
this would be under warranty. So take to any GM
dealer for a scan.
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2009 Pontiac G6. We replaced head light bulb.
Question: My driver side low beam headlight bulb went out so i
replaced it, since then when my lights are on auto and i put the
car in park, the lights go off, this never used to happen? Do i have
a short or is this a fuse??
That problem does not sound like a fuse, but i would check them
all to be sure.

Make sure you put the correct bulb in the headlight. A wrong
power rating from a cheap parts store bulb can cause problems
with the automatic lights. Make sure you did not disconnect any
other bulb connector in the fender.

Check that the black light sensor on the front center of the dash is
not covered.

If this all looks OK, you may have a DRL problem. They come on
when the car is put in gear and sometimes are confused with the
regular headlight.
2006 Pontiac G6 Engine Light

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