2007 Pontiac Grand Prix Sedan.3.8L. Tried key
codes for 2 hrs.
Question = I bought the key and they gave me the
codes, key in 10 minutes, off 20 seconds x 3 then
try to start. Every time I did it another light would
turn on the dash, then it started making clicking
sounds in the glove box. But still would not start. I
did it again and the lights started flashing outside,
a message talking about the battery saving failed,
charging failed, and the TC flashed as well as
and other things but it still would not start and the
lights were still flashing.

How do I correct this problem and get my key and
car to start!???
First of all, you've probably run your battery dead
or too low to continue the theft learn process. You
need have a battery charger or jump box hooked
up while you do this 30 minute procedure to make
sure you don't lose power.

I would give it one more try with a charger hooked
up and if it still won't start, you obviously have
another issue going on. You could have more bad
than just the key, such as an ignition cylinder
and/or passlock sensor. You state that you have
warning lights on, but no trouble codes. If there
are lights on the dash, then you do have codes
stored somewhere.

A regular scanner can't tell you what codes are
stored anywhere else except the engine computer.
You definitely have theft deterrent codes in the
Body Control Module by now with all the trying
you've been doing. You'll need those retrieved to
help diagnose what the problem is. You are
probably going to have to take the car to a GM
dealer for proper diagnosis and re-learning of the
theft system.
2007 Pontiac Grand Prix Key Codes

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