2001 Pontiac Grand Am check engine light.
Question: why does my grand am has a check
engine light come on. I had the codes pulled from
a scanner at Autozone. They said it was p0171
and i need an
oxygen sensor. Do you think this
right? How do i replace it. Where exactly is it.
Thank you very much.
Thank you for the tip/donation. It is possible that
the oxygen sensor is bad. First you should check
for a vacuum leak. Some common areas of
vacuum leaks on that engine are the
PCV hose,
evaporative system purge solenoid valve, or upper
intake manifold gaskets.

A loose air intake duct can also cause this. If there
are no vacuum leaks found, then yes, it does
sound like a bad oxygen sensor. Thanks again for
tip/donation. I will send some pics of these areas
to check for vacuum leaks, and location of the
oxygen sensor this code refers to.
Code P0171- Pontiac Grand Am 2001

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