2006 Pontiac Grand Prix.
Bought a new battery. Battery was drained when
leaving work..had tested and presumed needed
new one. Then realized my running lights were not
turning off even with key out of ignition, and
draining battery.

Brake lights were blinking also at times. Was told it
was manufacturer
security system failure. How do I
disconnect this? I do not have alarm key or
keychain alarm for this car...only manual key.

This problem does not sound like a security
problem. That would cause the horn to sound, and
the lights would not blink at times. They would be
blinking steady. That would only happen if some
opened the door when the system was set.

Then it would shut off after a few minutes nd not
drain the battery. The problem on your Pontiac
sounds like a body control module. This is what
controls the lights. Or possibly even a bad
headlight switch. You are going to have to have
the system scanned for codes to start diagnosis. If
it is the factory security system, this is also
controlled by the body control module (BCM).
I have a 2007 pontiac grand prix. The car started making a
humming noise in the front end. The noise changes speed and
pitch as the car speeds up and slows down. It is not an engine
noise and the transmission seems to be operating correctly. The
car only has 66,000 miles. What could be the cause of the noise?
Wheel bearing assembly? CV axle?

Does the noise change when driving at speed then turning to the
right or left?

No, it doesnt seem to.

Did it just start one day, or has it been getting progressively

Just started one day and so far doesnt seem to be getting worse,
but the car is only driven maybe 10 miles a day.

OK. Usually this type of noise is from a front hub bearing. If both
are noisy, turning will not make a difference if both are noisy. Try
rotating the tires from front to back to see if the noise changes.

Is there anything else that could cause a noise like this if it turns
out to be neither?

Tires or bearings are 99% of humming noises. Have not seen
many axles do this. Another possibility is a bearing in the
transmission where the axles comes out, but that is less likely.

Ok Thank You.
Pontiac Grand Prix Security And Brake Lights Flashing

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