2001 Pontiac Grand AM Se Service Engine Soon,
TRAC OFF codes P0113.
Question: I've just gotten my code from Autozone,
and it said that i had to change/repair my intake
air temp. Circuit, which i did. I connected
everything back in place, so, i cleared the code,
and my SES light is still on. Is there something
wrong with the SES light, or is it something with
the intake air temp.? What is the TRAC OFF
warning light, and what must i do to clear the
light? Finally, when I am driving, around 25 mph,
and 35-40 mph my car jolts real quick and
continues to drive,it worries me if something is
wrong with the transmission, is there anyway i can
tell whats wrong with it or is this common and
what can i do?

If replacing the sensor did not fix the p0113
codes, then the other common cause for this code
is a problem in/at the connector of the IAT sensor.
Either the wire(s) have broken inside the
connector at the terminal, or the copper wire
inside the insulation(colored exterior of wire) has
broken. Disconnect the connector, and pull on
each wire to see if it pulls out of connector, or
starts to stretch. When the copper wire breaks
inside the insulation, the insulation will stretch. It
will be quite obvious. Don't pull real hard, as that
may cause a good wire to break. There is actually
a bulletin for replacing the connector with a GM
service kit. The part # for that kit is 12102620. It is
a connector with wire leads.
The TRAC OFF light comes on for many reasons. That light can
come on for many CHECK ENGINE LIGHT codes. When the
computer sees a problem with most of the engine control systems, it
cannot properly control the Traction system, so it shuts it off. Dont
think Autozone has the ability to scan the Anti-lock brake module to
read Traction codes. After checking/repairing the IAT connector,
clear codes with scanner, or disconnect battery for a few minutes. If
only TRAC light comes back on, you will have to get the ABS
computer scanned.

The problem at the speed you described may be related to the
above conditions, or it could be a transmission problem. Suggest
getting those dash lights to be repaired first. If still this driving
problem at the speeds you described, would suggest having a
trans. Repair facility go for a test drive to determine if in fact it is in
the trans. If so, then a fluid and filter change may help, and the
person doing the filter can look in the bottom of the pan for signs of
debre. If you need more help, just let me know, JK
2001 Grand Am Code P0113 Temp Sensor- TRAC Off Light

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