2003 Pontiac Grand Prix Sedan. The security light
is flashing on and off.
Have not had it scanned yet.

I started my car Thursday morning to take the kids
to school and it ran perfectly fine. I dropped the
kids off at school and came straight home. At 2 in
the afternoon I went to start my car and it ran for 3
seconds and shut off. I tried a couple times and
the same thing happened.

Why is my security is flashing and I have no clue
why.T he closest GM shop to me is 2 hours away
or any shop for that matter. I have no clue what is
going on. Can you please help me.
Sounds like you may have a problem with the
ignition switch, or ignition lock cylinder. These
fairly common for this condition. You can try this
to relearn the theft system...
1. Turn the ignition to the ON position, not crank,
with the engine off.
2. Wait 10 minutes, or until the theft/security light
goes out, or stops flashing.
3. Turn key off, wait 5 seconds.
4. Perform steps 1-3, 3 times for a total of 30
5. Turn key off for 10 seconds, then try t start. If
this does not work, then the system will need to
be diagnosed further.
Pontiac Grand Prix Theft Learn Procedure

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