1999 Pontiac Grand Am. I bought the car as is
with blown head gaskets, and fuel pump. The
engine would not run when purchased so I dont
know all the details about the car. I see the
previous owner may have been chasing this issue
because it does have a new crank sensor.

I have checked the ground connections but have
not run into anything yet. Any ideas?

I bought the car as is with blown head gasket, I
replaced both gaskets. When first start up
wouldn't start had very little fuel pressure. Replace
the fuel pump. The cars runs good its just when
you start it. Why does my car spit and sputter the
tach and interior lights flash rapidly like the ignition
is being turned on and off. This happens
intermittently. Sometimes it starts right up, other
times it may take 3 to 5 times before it continues
to run. Once running the cars works great.

What you are describing does sound electrical.
With all the work done prior, i would make sure
you dont have a loose connection, or rubbing
harness somewhere. You could pull on the
harnesses when it is running to see if you can get
it to act up. Make sure the fuel pressure regulator
is not leaking. This would give the rough running
for a few seconds, but not the electrical problems.
Wiggle on the ignition cylinder and tilt the wheel
up and down to see if a possible problem in the
ignition switch or harness.

99 Grand Am Pontiac 3.4L V6.
Replaced fuel filter,
spark plugs, clean throttle body, PCV valve,
wires, coils and module, FPR looks good.
Question:The engine stall when car is warm or shot run,after 5
min. Try to start stall,but when i put foot on gas have to hold for
15 to 20 seconds coming back and runs good,over all runs very

Sounds like a typical faulty Idle Air Control Motor (IAC). This part
does what it says- controls the idle. Even though it may be able to
control idle partially, it cannot keep the low idle on a hot engine.
And a hot engine wants to idle low.
Pontiac Grand Am Head Gasket And Blower Problems
Problem 2002 Pontiac Grand Am 2.2L 4 cylinder 2200 Vortec.
Just bought the car from my sister. Says the following has
happened for years. The blower motor comes on while the engine
is off every hour or so. Runs for about 10 seconds. Never causes
a low battery situation. Doesn't seem to be normal, but I guess it
could be to prevent a/c odor smell from mildew. Didn't see
anything about it being a feature of the car in the owner's manual.
Is it normal?

Yep, you got it exactly. It is to help dry the evaporator coil and
case to prevent mold and mildew. It is called Afterblow. Not all
models have this feature. Normally on models being built to ship
to warmer states. GM even has a kit that can be installed on
vehicles that were built without this feature.

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