1999 Pontiac Grand Am ABS light comes on
intermittently when driving car.
Repairs done prior = Replaced front brake pads
and rotors.

Question: Just wondering what would be the
likely cause to make the ABS light come on right
after replacing the front pads and rotors. Is the
sensor on the caliper very sensitive and easily
damaged when replacing pads?

Any information would be helpful. Have replaced
many brakes and never ran into this problem.
The sensors are part of the hub, and are not that
sensitive, unless you had to really hammer on the
rotors to get them off. Speed sensors fail as any
other component can fail.

You may also want to check the harness from the
back of the sensor to the body. Pull off plastic
cover, they have been known to have the wires
break inside the insulation.

Just give a tug on each of the two wires at the
connector and up the harness and look to see if the
wire is stretching. To be sure it is a front sensor
problem, you will need to have the system scanned
ABS codes.
ABS basic operation.
1999 Pontiac Grand Am ABS Light After Pads
And Rotors Replaced

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