Passkey security ignition cylinder removed showing where common broken wires are.
1996 Pontiac Bonneville 3800 V6 non turbo.
Security light.
Removed keyless starter remote starter and key
security was locking me out for days on end would
start when it felt like starting.

Question: why does my security keep locking me
out, will not identify key. This thing has a mind of
its own will start when it feels like it will work fine for
weeks on end and all of a sudden you cant start it
for hours or days security light some times blinks
and some times steady ?
This sounds like the common problem with the passkey security
system. A common problem is the 2 small wires on the ignition
key cylinder break. This causes a loss of key data for the system.

Sometimes tilting the wheel in different positions will enable it to
start and give an indication of the broken wires.

Click on link to '
passkey ignition cylinder ' for a description of this
ignition cylinder problem.
Pontiac Bonneville Passkey Ignition Theft Problem

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