1998 Chevy Monte Carlo 3.1L V6.
GM Computer codes = no
Question = My
front brakes are locking up. There are no brake or abs lights on. What is causing this?

I am going to need a little more information to help fix this problem on your Monte Carlo.
When do they lock up?

On light apply of the brake pedal, or do you need to brake hard?

Does the pedal go to the floor?
Problem with my  2006 Chevrolet Impala
Dash lights = Brake Light
Repair work done prior = Alignment and new trailing arm in rear.
Brakes done month or 2 ago.

Question = When I start my car, my brake light comes on and dings at me 10 times. Where the odometer is it flashes - service brake system - service brake assist -
service traction control.

I recently just had my brakes done and has been driving the same. I have no problems with braking.
ABS Brakes Locking Up On Monte Carlo- Impala Dash Lights
Sound like you have a electrical problem inside the instrument cluster or a bad Body control module. The BCM control the dash warning lights and may be faulty.

You can try to tap on the top of the dash to see if that makes the cluster change. If it does, you need a new instrument cluster.

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