2001 Chevy Malibu.
GM Computer codes = EGR, low catalyst
Repairs done prior = car had a low mileage motor installed before i bought i would say around 50,000 or less Repairs for this problem = plugs wires
checked coils new fuel filter and also replaced the EGR valve.

Question = 01 malibu low mileage motor car will act like its starving for fuel and lose power may go 25 and may not go at all never really dies out that much sometimes will start right back but usually have to leave sit a couple minutes and then it may be fine for a couple days short distances the CEL was on for egr which i replaced to no avail car has strong pressure at the rail when it wont start ?

I thought fuel strainer car will throw no codes except low catalyst after egr i dont know what to do with it its stalling out on me and its dangerous because it wont move when it does it and it hisses like out of the MAF?? Sometimes i will have to let the car sit but sometimes just for a minute or 2 and it seems to run ok again it acts like it is fuel because if you get on it hard it will sputter but at like 4500 and up but at times not do that.

You may have more than one thing going on with your car.

The code for the Catalyst efficiency low
P0420, along with the problem of no power or acceleration, indicates the Catalytic Converter is plugged. This is very common for this condition, as well as the code for the EGR.

But, this usually will not cause the car to stall, and would not cause it to be hard to re-start. That may be another issue.

You may have an ignition module going bad, a crank sensor problem, faulty ignition switch, a ground wire problem, or other problem.

I would get the converter checked out first.
2001 Chevrolet Malibu Catalyst Low P0420

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