My 2001 Chevy malibu wont start. Why doe the
theft/security light stay on. I work at an auto repair
shop and this is a customer.
Can you help me fix it? Thanks.

Hello and welcome. You should have the
computer scanned for
codes. But most likely your
problem is with the ignition lock cylinder causing
the theft/security light. You will need to replace
the Theftlock cylinder and then have the system

Thanks for the tip/donation! I will e-mail a step by
step procedure with pics. Since you are going to
do this yourself....

Step-by-step instructions
Chevrolet Malibu Security Light Common Problem

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Question: Yes I have a 2004 Chevy Malibu it won't start.

Answer: Does the engine crank over?

It tries. I have replaced the fuel pump, ignition coil and just tried to
reset the Passover sensor.

Can you be more specific as "It tries" does it crank and crank and
crank or not at all?

Not at all.

Is the theft or security light on the dash with the key in the ON

Yes it's flashing.

OK. then you have a Passlock Problem. Most likely the sensor-
which is part of the ignition key tumbler cylinder.

What do I need to do to bypass this is there a fuse I can pull cause
the whole thing of trying to reset is just not working.

No fuse to pull. See this link for
GM Passlock Replacement
. Or, There are some instruction on bypassing this system
around the internet, i have not tried them. It requires cutting a few
wires and soldering a few together on the back of the ignition switch.

Exactly where can I find this?

Dont have an exact website, but a Google search for "GM Passlock
Bypass" should give you many results.