A/C problem on my 2001 Chevy Venture van and the A/C is blowing warm, quit  working.  I  took to a mechanic shop, they put freon in about 3 weeks ago, now it is  blowing  warm  again. Dont want to take back again. Any ideas where a leaking is?
Do you know of any areas that have leaking problem i could find myself or even fix.

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Yes, here are a couple of common areas that leak freon on 1997 - 2003 Chevy   Venture, Pontiac Montana and Oldsmobile Silhouette minivans.

Here are a couple of pics and descriptions to look at. These are the most common freon leaks on these  vans.

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Freon leak common areas an venture van, montana and silhouette.
Common areas of freon leaks that cause warm air to blow with the A/C on.
1- the pipes leading to the rear of the van. This look is front under van. Leaks inside plastic covering.
2- The passenger side lower portion of the condenser. You may see oily wetness.
2001 Chevrolet venture. 3400 v6
Question = When I turn the AC on in the front heat blows out in the front while ac blows out in the front. When I turn the heat on in the front ac blows in the back. What is the problem and how can I fix it?
You either have a control head problem, or more likely an actuator problem. There are doors inside your heater case that control the flow of cool and hot air to the proper places when you select them on the control head. If there is a problem with one of those door actuators, it usually results in the wrong delivery of air, either to the wrong vents, or the wrong temperature.

Luckily, when there is a problem like this, it will store a trouble code. You would need to get the Venture van looked at by a reliable technician, preferably at a Chevrolet dealership. They would be able to diagnose the exact problem and fix it for you.
Chevy Venture Freon Leaks

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