2004 Ford Taurus 3.0 V6.
I basically know the answer just need a confirmation. My neighbor helped me change my starter recently as I am disabled. Anyway the car would still only click and after reading some forums I decided that the battery cables were probably making a bad connection and should just replace the entire 2 cables. He said no and cut off a length of 1 cable and the car starts but he cut off what looks like a fusible link and he said it shouldn't even be on there and was N-rigged.

I told him I had bought the vehicle brand new and the factory must have done the N-rigging and even offered to take it to the nearest Ford dealer so he could argue with them. He declined. I am concerned as to the safety of my vehicle with this piece cut out I told him if it were not needed it wouldn't have come from the factory equipped with it like that. He drives me crazy with his thinking Thanks for your input!
Yes, if it came like that from the factory, i would put it back the way it was. Cutting the cable seems to me to be the REAL rigging.

If the cables are the problem, which does happen, then i would replace both assemblies. If the cable that was cut had a fusible link on it, then this could be a problem. The link is there to protect a circuit. If It is not there, then if there is ever some sort of electrical short, it would not be able to protect that circuit and that would cause even more problems.
To confirm that, you can try wiggling the cables while trying to start it. Or even do a resistance check from one end to the other.
i have a 95 ford Taurus and it wont shift passed second gear but when i remove the battery for awhile and then put it back in it works fine for a little bit then acts up again. What is going on??

Answer: You probably have an electrical problem with the transmission, such as a module or shift solenoid. When you disconnect the battery, you are basically resetting the system, so it doesn't know there is a problem again until it happens. That's why it will be fine until it acts up and won't shift again. You're basically going to need some transmission work done.
My 2010 ford fusion lost power, the little wrench light came on, the car ran rough, and the tachometer moved up and down. I turned the car off and started it back up. The check engine light came on and stayed on and the car idled rough for a while.
You may have more than one problem on your Ford. First tings first: get the computer codes scanned. That is the starting point. Your car could have an ignition problem, wiring problem or computer problem. Either way it should still be under warranty.
Ford Taurus Won't Start- Ford Fusion Engine Light And Idles Rough

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