2006 Toyota Tundra. Engine size = V8.
Warning lights = maintenance required  light on.

I started my truck as I normally do and it revved up but then just idled down and died. I tried several times to restart and the same thing happened. I tried to increase idle and even put the vehicle in gear and tried to move it but it kept dying.
The maintenance required light should have nothing to do with the fact the truck is running like this. You may have a large vacuum leak causing it to stall when it idles down. Possibly carbon buildup in the throttle or a problem with the throttle or idle air control. Check for a vacuum leak first then get the computer codes scanned. Many of the large national parts store chains will do this for free.
Toyota Corolla 2004 4 Cyl.
Warning lights- Air Bag light. No code been found.
Air bag light is on, I have disconnect the battery and connect back, as soon I drove the car air bag light come on. I took to the mechanic to diagnose the problem but he couldn't find any code.
If the
airbag light is or was on, then there are codes stored in the computer. It is possible his scanner cannot read the airbag computer, or the computer is malfunctioning. A mechanic would have to diagnose the problem of no codes. If that means he cannot communicate with the module, then that is the place to start.
Toyota Died Out- Warning Lights On

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