1992 Ford F-250.
Question = Upon take off from a dead stop, my Automatic transmission will give a lurch and a clunk and go into the next gear. It never happens when driving, just on take off, and then, only sometimes. Tranny guy told me to change fluid and filter and check for broken springs from looking up into bottom of transmission. He said that Ford shifting springs, though powerful, would at times break and make the sound and act the way I described to him. He said it could be repaired from the bottom of the tranny without removal.

Does that sound like the correct solution? And if so, where can I purchase the springs?
Mechanic also that the one, original spring, is usually replaced with two springs (one inside the other) to give a smother shift. Thanks for any help.

Answer: You can buy a transmission master rebuild kit for about $189.00 that will have all the parts. You don't really need that though and a spring is a spring so find the broken one and go to the dealer and buy a spring and replace it. This dual spring setup is an update that Ford has for this condition.I would check the motor mounts first though as a broken motor mount will give you the same symptom.
2002 ford f 150
I replace thermostat and antifreeze.
Question: no heat at all flush coolant system flush heater core and nothing. A/C seems to be running all the time even when knob points to heat?

A flush of the heater core does not always get the gunk out. You need to feel both heater hoses where they go into the heater core under the hood. See if they are hot. If so, you might have a temperature door problem in the dash not moving to the hot position. This is a common thing with the type of system that has electric motors that control the temperature doors.
Ford F-250 Transmission Clunk- F150 Has No Heat

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