2001 Mercury Grand Marquis.
Engine size = 4.6 L
Question = I need the routing diagram for the serpentine belt.
Ok here is what you do.
#1 Go to your shop
#2 find the biggest crow bar you can
#3 stick it in your wallet
#4 pry out $24.95 and go buy a Haynes manual the routing diagram is in there.
If your too cheap to do that then next car you see like yours ask the owner to open the hood so you can take a look and make your own diagram. Or take a picture of it.

If you really don't have the money send me a photo of the front of your engine and I will make you a diagram and send it to you. That or stop by the dealer and have them print one for you in the parts area.

They should do that for free.
Wait I am not done yet. A trip to the public library will get you access to a manual for your car for free as well.

Also in most states once you have a library card you can access manuals through the library system for free.
Mercury Grand Marquis Belt Routing Diagram

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