1989 GMC,Safari I replaced brake pads this winter and it worked fine for a while than the right front caliper started to hang up. So I replaced the rotor, caliper, and pads today and the brake still hangs up.   When I installed them I used new caliper bolts and lubed them so that it will continue to float I cleaned the rotor with brake clean so no grease should be holding the brake pads to the rotor.  What do you think is causing that brake to hang up?

Thanks for being so detailed. Without driving the van, sounds like you have a problem with the caliper hose. With age and mileage, the hose can become deteriorated inside and not let the fluid which is under high pressure during brake apply, return to the maser cylinder after brake release.

This will cause the caliper piston to stay partially applied. The way to check this is to have wheel off and on a jack stand. Apply brakes a few times, release pedal, break loose the hose bolt at the caliper slowly and see if fluid squirts out under pressure. Not just leaks, but squirts out. If it squirts, and the piston / caliper releases, then you need a hose, then bleed that side. You cannot tell by just looking at the hose.
GMC Safari Brakes Hanging Up

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