We have this Chevy cavalier at the shop and it dies when you turn on the wipers. Charging system ok I'm thinking ignition switch problems. I will check it out wednesday to find out  was wondering if u heard of this thing, thanks in advance.

Yea, ignition switch sounds promising.
I would also check something if you have not come across this before.
The harness connector under the carpet by your left foot. It is prone to burning. Usually the fuel pump circuit, or the rear defogger. The wipers may draw enough away from the fuel pump to cause this problem.
Chevy Cavalier 2.4 DOHC Multiple misfire codes.
Replaced plugs, replaced ignition coil.
Question = What would cause multiple misfires? Car started skipping while stopped at a red light. Did not have power to pull when placed in gear. Has raw gas smell when idling. Does not back fire.
Usually a misfire will set the Check Engine light on with a trouble code. The raw gas smell could be a leaking fuel pressure regulator. When they leak, they leak gas into its vacuum line causing a very rich condition, and misfires. The plugs and/or coil may have not been replaced properly, or not replaced with genuine GM parts. You could possibly have a bad ignition module or the coil housing is shorted internally.

This is the large black plastic housing that the could sit it. It distributes spark to the plug boots, then to the plugs. Even the timing being off will cause the issue you describe. Since you have multiple misfires, it is probably not a fuel injector problem, although bad gas will create a rough running problem.

Fuel pressure should also be checked, and possibly replace the fuel filter if plugged. There are a lot of possibilities, but I would start first by checking the fuel pressure regulator.
Chevy Cavalier Dies At Stops- Engine Light Misfire Codes

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