I just got this car and i love it last week after driving it back form CT to MD and a few days later it started missing a little and the check engine light came on and the abs brake light came
and the traction light came and it has a little back fire now.

Many things can cause this condition. Common problems are the ignition coils and spark  plug wires burned causing misfires. Possibly injector not firing. That will turn on
check engine light and possibly also the other lights. The reason for abs, traction, is that the computer disables those system when there is a misfire or some other driveability problem because the abs,traction cannot function properly when engine is not running properly.  Will need to have the computer scanned for codes.
Need to figure out why my amber ABS light and my ETS OFF light is on.
1998 Buick Skylark 3.1 V6. I'm currently trying to pass emissions, and I've done allot of work on the car. Recently we got it to actually run fine. Our Current job is to replace the CV half shafts. My question is, What things do I need to check, and/or do, to turn these lights, ABS & ETS off, either off or repaired.
The most probable cause for the
ETS light is the ABS light.
When there is a problem in the ABS, ETS (traction control) is disabled.
The ETS uses ABS data to control the ETS system. You will need to have the ABS module scanned for codes. Common causes for the ABS light are bad front wheel speed sensors, wires to the sensors, a broken toothed ring on one of the axles. But could also be the motor pack, valve assembly or module problem. Again, codes would need to be scanned first. After repairs, the codes need to be cleared to turn off the lights.
Buick ABS, Traction And Service Engine Soon Light

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