1993 Chevy Cavalier 2.2L 4 cylinder.
Dear MW: My car ran fine when I shut it off, then next time I went to start it, it idled up really high. It sounded like I had my foot on the gas.

First, make sure nothing is hitting the throttle pedal. Floor mat, or something else.  Check that the cable is not binding up between the pedal and the engine.
Other than that, sounds like an Idle Air Control Valve problem, carbon on the throttle plate, or possibly a vacuum leak. You will need a qualified technician to scan and check the IAC system, and check for vacuum leaks.
Pontiac Trans Am, 5.7L
My driver's side front turn signal isn't flashing, when i flip the switch on the steering wheel column the light on the dash shows up, but it does not flash, and as i go  outside of the
vehicle, the rear taillight stays lit up, and the front turn signal stays lit up, but as soon as i flip the switch back, the light on the front shuts off, even while running.  Want to know what part i'd need and how i would fix i...
2004 Chevy Cavalier.
Question: When I push in the clutch the headlights, dash lites, radio and air conditioning goes out until I release the clutch.
You could be pinching one of the main dash wiring harnesses when you push the clutch pedal in. You can remove the lower dash trim easily enough and look up under there. While moving the pedal by hand, watch the back and forth action and see if there is any interference by wiring, brackets, connectors, etc. Has to be something simple since it only does it when you push the clutch pedal in. I'd focus in that area. Also, check the negative battery cable where is bolts to the battery tray. Have seen that corode away causing odd electrical problems.
Chevy Cavalier Idle And Light Problems

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