1995 pontiac transport.
My windows stopped working they would go down
but when going up it just went a little bit at a time
now they don't work at all how can i fix it

If when you try to put windows up, they go up a
little then stop, have to wait a little while and try
again, they go up a little more then stop -
sounds like the window motor(s) are bad and need
to be replaced.

That is a common condition for a weak motor. It
takes much more energy for a motor to raise a
window then it does to let it down.

The door panel will have to come off, the window
regulator assembly (arm and gear that motor
attatches to), then the motor can be replaced.

Be very careful with regulator. May be under high
spring pressure while removing the motor from it if
it is the type with a coil spring on the assembly.
Problem with my 2000 pontiac Montana.
I have a Montana that wont start when its cold or damp or when it
sits for 8 hours or more but if i plug the van in with block heater it
will start when it does start it run a little on the rough side until the
engine warms up ,just wondering if it could be the temperature
sensor let me know what you think thank you.

Hard starting when wet or damp outside is usually caused by
corroded ignition coil towers and spark plug wires. Just pull them off
one at a time and look for corrosion or
rust on the coil tower and inside the plug wire.
Plugged injectors are a common  cause for running rough. Also the
fuel pressure regulator leaking fuel into the vacuum line will cause a
hard / no start and running rough, but damp weather would not
make a difference.
Pontiac Transport Go Up But Won't Go Down

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