1998 Chevy Tahoe 5.7.
Repairs made = new ac compressor , climate
control, heater core valve,heater shut off valve
Question: A/C keeps blowing hot air with rapid
acceleration rear a/c stays cool.

Hi Ruben, thanks for visiting. Could you give me a
little more info please. On rapid accelerate, does it
start to blow cold after you let off gas and stay
steady? Do you hear any noises just before it starts
to blow warm? Can you tell if the compressor cycles
off  when you hit the gas? This and any more info
may be helpful for me to give some help, thanks.
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Thanks for responding MW. I dont have to floor it,
example , jumping on the freeway, or passing a
slower car. It might be a vacuum problem cause , i
zipped tied the heater core valve closed and the
problem went away  but now no heater of course.
My email is down for the moment.

Sounds like you are almost there. Check that the
hose has vacuum and it switches when you turn the
system from heat to cool. Check that the vacuum
hose is routed correctly per the underhood vacuum
diagram and let me know what you find.      
2003, GMC Sierra 1500HD. When using my a/c , when i come to
a stop. The blowing air turns from cold to warm. When i start
running again it blows cold air.
This first thing to do is haver the freon charged checked. If it is a
little low, it will cause the compressor to kick off because the
pressure got too low. Adding some freon will take care of that, but
then you would have to look for a leak.

Another possibility is that the throttle has a lot of carbon buildup.
This will cause the idle to go too low, and the computer will kick off
the compressor. Normally this would be accompanied by a rough
idle or even stalling.
Chevy Tahoe Front A/C Blows Warm When Accelerating-
Rear Is Cold

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