How do I change the rear 3 spark plugs and wires
on a my 2001 Silhouette 3.4?
Well there are 2 ways to get to those. Either way
is not easy. The plug wires are very difficult to get
off. Need to turn the wire on the plug to break the
wire loose. You can get them from the top while
laying on the engine using a universal/swivel
plug socket on an extension.

Some Tech's. Unbolt the two upper engine
mount struts and pull the engine forward, then
hold it in place with a special holding tool. I
always do it from under the van. Still, very
difficult. The front one you can get to through the
wheel well, the other two from putting your arms
up along the exhaust pipe. Dropping the exhaust
pipe from the manifold helps. You can also gain
some room by removing the 2 rear frame bolts
while SUPPORTING the frame with a screw jack.

If you lower the frame too much (more than 4-6
in.) the steering shaft can become disconnected
from steering column and cause all kinds of grief.
Either way, is difficult even with universal/swivel
socket. Your arms will get stuck here and there
and maybe cut up too.
How To Change Rear Spark Plugs On Oldsmobile Silhouette

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