2003 Pontiac Grand Prix 3800 V6.
Dear JK: The car will turn over, run for a couple of
and then shuts off.  After about the 10th try it ran
fine.  My son
says it has been difficult to start for a week or two.

Hello and welcome,. This could be 1 of several
problems. You could have a fuel pressure
problem(bad fuel pump, plugged filter), Leaking
pressure regulator
causing a rich condition- which would stumble and
chug before it dies, or you could have a theft system
problem. If after it starts and stall, leave key on and
see if the security/theft light stays on or flashes-that
would indicate a theft problem. While it is acting up,
will need to check these things in order to find out
what is the next step. Let me know what you find.
Problem with my 2001Pontiac Grand Am 2.4 L
GM Computer codes = no
Changed spark plugs
Work done to repair this problem = changed spark plugs.
question = The car intermittently misses under normal driving
conditions every once in a while. Changing the spark plugs makes it
go away but a day or so later it comes back.

If changing the plugs helps, i would look closely at the plugs that
were removed. Make sure they all seem the same color. If one is oil
fouled, or looks a little greenish or orange (depending on which
coolant is in the system at this time) this would indicate an internal
engine problem. If one is totally black, this would indicate a rich fuel
condition which may be caused by a faulty injector or is more than
one is black, then i would suspect a leaking fuel pressure regulator.

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