1995 Pontiac Grand Am.
Repairs made = water pump, intake gaskets,
thermostat, coolant temperature sensor, coolant
flush. Question = This thing keeps overheating at
idle well over the 220 mark. What else could it be
there is no leak form the block or steam out the
exhaust. Please help!
A couple of things to look at. You need to see
exactly what the coolant temp. Is by using a
scanner to make sure the gauge is accurate. The
low speed cooling fan wont come on until 226
degrees, so you are not overheating until after that.
Make sure the fan does come on at 226 f. Another
thing to look for is bubbles in the radiator. That
would be a sign of a blown head gasket. Those
were known to leak externally, or blow internally at
the lower portion of the rear head all the way on the
passenger side; as viewed from underneath.

A restricted radiator can also cause this.
Sometimes the radiator will have 'cool' spots in it as
compared to the rest of the radiator. Best way to
check is with a laser tempersature gun, but can do
with you hands as long as you are careful not to
get near fan blades. Let me know what find if you
need more help.
1995 Grand Prix Overheats- Parts Have Been Replaced

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