2000 Chevrolet Malibu. I ran out of gas last night. I
have put some gas back in, but my car still wont
start. Any suggestions. I really cant afford to take it
anywhere. Thanks.

Thanks for visiting. After running out of gas, it will
take some time to get the fuel system primed all
the way up to the engine. It may take 3-4 times
cranking for a few seconds, with a 5 second pause
between to get fuel up to the engine.

Also may have sucked up some dirt/debre into the
fuel pump after running it dry. May want to change
fuel filter. You can try to have someone bang on
the bottom of the tank while someone else cranks
Sometimes this will free up a stuck fuel pump.
2001 Chevy.3.4L V6. Security light. No codes.
Replaced fuel filter.
Question: We went out to start the car last week,
upon cranking the engine the security light began
to flash. We set the car to the on position to do the
relearn procedure for the passlock system as we
have had multiple problems with this cars security,
it has always worked before. This time it did not,
after the 10 minutes had passed we tried to start
the car, the security light is now lit solid instead of
flashing, the car still cranks but will not start.

We did some reading and figure that one of the
parts to the security system had gone bad, we had
it taken to a local gm dealer for diagnostics, no
codes on security came up. The security light is
still on, which they cannot explain. However they
want to change my fuel pump because there is not
fuel pressure, for $700. I would like a second
opinion before i pay that much money on
something I believe is security related. Thanks for
your help.

Assuming you have a vehicle that only requires
one 10 minute learn procedure (you forgot to
mention what kind of car you have) and you've
done the re-learn before yourself and it worked,
there still could be a problem with the theft
deterrent security system on your vehicle.

There is most likely a code stored that didn't get
checked correctly at the dealer, but there are also
occasions that a problem will occur and not set a
code. Seeing many security issues over the years,
you probably have a bad ignition cylinder. The
cylinder houses the Passlock sensor which learns
the chip in your key when you turn the ignition.

A repair like this will have to be done at a GM
dealer, as it will need to be programmed correctly
after installation. I doubt you have a faulty fuel
pump due to this problem, but there are many
times a vehicle may have two separate issues that
need repair.
Chevy Malibu Security Light- Relearn But Still Won't Start

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