1997 Pontiac Grand Prix. Replaced seized blower
motor and faulty resistor.
The blower motor works only on high mode, the
lower modes do not work and also its affecting the
daytime driving lights when blower speeds is used.

Could you please give me a little more info. The
blower motor was seized, and the resistor was
replaced. Did either show any signs of corrosion or
discoloration at the electrical connectors? Any
other odd electrical problems before the
replacement of these parts? Any other info will be
helpful. Thanks and I will wait for your reply.
Visitor reply:
no corrosion at all on terminals what its doing is
this problem was their before the blower and
resistor was replaced. The problem was the DRL
lights go off when blower motor switch is used
and go back on when the switch is off. Also the
blower motor only works in high mode after a
slight delay. What I'm hearing is the relays
clicking in the day time driving light module when
the blower switch is used. Thanks any questions
let me know. Thanks.

OK, i think i found something to be of help. After
looking through several wiring diagrams, i have
found that the Daytime running Lights Module
and a power input to the a/c control head share
the same fuse (DIC/HVAC) There is also a DRL
diode in the system. The module and the diode
are on the lf. side/under the dash.

We need to find out which part is clicking
erratically. Apparently there is some electrical
back feeding going on, and effecting the
DRL/headlights. I wound suspect a faulty DRL
module, but the diode may be the original
problem, causing the module go bad. Hope this
was helpful. Let me know what you find......
1997 Grand Prix Headlights And Blower Speeds Problem

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