2001 Oldsmobile Alero.
My ignition key will go into the cylinder, but it will
not turn for me to try to start it.
Any ideas of what i can do?

This sounds like the ignition cylinder is jammed
and will need to be replaced. You could try to spray
wd-40 and work the key in and out several times,
then try to turn it. Or with key in ignition, try tapping
on key with small hammer while trying to turn key
back and forth to free it up.

Play with it for a while, and it may free up enough
to get it to start , but will still need to replace
ignition cylinder and then relearn the theft system.
Dont be too gentle with the key in/out , turning,
tapping, usually will free up after awhile.
Oldsmobile Alero Ignition Key Won't Turn

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Question: I have a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero. When I go to start
my car it will turn on but not over. If I try to start the car with my
foot on the gas it will stay on as long as my foot is giving it
some gas. Without gas it will not stay on. No lights on dash at
all..please help.

Answer: If you press the gas pedal several times, will it then
stay running by itself?

No it will not. If I slowly(like a snail) take my foot o ff the gas it
will idle very badly and cut off when I switch gears.

Any work done recently?

Yes... camshaft sensor horrible oil change (oil guy put 2quarts
extra in) radiator.

It sounds like there is a vacuum leak. That will car the car to not
idle by itself.

But, this issue was happening before I got the cam changed
thinking that would fix it. No leaks at all. I've had the car for four
years and almost fixed everything there is to fix on the car. Will
a leak let the car run most of the time. When it act up u have to
drive with two feet.
A vacuum leak will cause a lean condition and it will not idle. That
will be all the time.


Is this problem all the time or not?

No not all the time maybe every other week for most of the week.
Then I have to drive with two feet.

This sounds like an electrical problem then. Possibly a bad MAF-
Mass Airflow Sensor. But they normally will set a code in the
computer. Has the computer been scanned for codes?

Yes.. No codes. I bought MAF sensor cleaner. Throttle body
cleaner. Cleaned both. Car ran fine. Next day it happened again..
day or Two later ran fine again.

Well, without seeing live computer sensor data when it is acting
up, i can only guess. If no vacuum leak, MAF is fine, no codes,
etc. I can guess the PCM is having a problem.


PCM is the Powertrain Computer.

Like a brain box?


O no. Can there anything else that it can possibly be?

Can't tell without seeing computer data for myself when it is
acting up.

Ok.. Thank you so much for all ur help. I will consider everything
and go from there.