Key Stuck In Chevy Trailblazer Ignition
03 chevy Trail Blazer
4.2 service 4 wheel drive codes = p0428.
Changed fan blower resistor and fan, ignition
switch, key tumbler.
Question = The key is stuck in the ignition. The
gear selector button will not depress, unless I
unhook the wire from the under the hood fuse
block that controls the windows, door locks temp
control module.

When I unhook the wire that controls these
components, the actuator for the gear selector
works when I hit the brake pedal and the key can
be removed from the ignition. Any suggestions?
Not sure what you mean by unhooking the wire
at the fuse box? Do you mean you have the fuse
box out and are now removing wires? That's a
bad idea as it will cause more problems and
confusion during diagnosis.

Did you get a scanner on it and look at the
PRNDL signal? Did you test the release solenoid
in the shift console? Sounds like you have a
short circuit. You are going to need to follow
several schematics testing for open and shorts.

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